Jessi’s Favorite Five for a Flawless Foundation

When it comes to a flawless finish each and every morning, I absolutely must have these Favorite Five foundation items!

Y favorite five 21. Glorious Face Primer – I can’t live without the benefits of primer! It diffuses all of my skin issues and helps my foundation stay on longer throughout the day.

2. Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation – I’ve tried many liquid foundations, and I especially love this one. We don’t call it Liquid Gold for nothing! It’s silky smooth, provides excellent medium-to-full coverage, layers well with other products, and feels light on the skin.

3. Liquid Foundation Brush – Using this brush feels like a soft, gentle massage on the face. I sometimes find I’m totally zenned out and still brushing away, long after my foundation is blended!

4. Touch Mineral Concealer – I love it both for hiding blemishes with a bit more coverage, and highlighting the high points on contouring days. A little goes a long way with this concealer!

5. Touch Mineral Powder Foundation – This powder is very finely milled, and so soft and light weight, yet provides full coverage. It works beautifully in conjunction with other foundation products without getting cakey or creasey.

Whether it’s just a few taps of foundation powder on the go, or a layering of these products for a full-face look, you’ll love the flawless finish you will achieve with my Favorite Five!

Sunny regards! Jessi

P.S. Interested in trying my Favorite Five foundation products? Contact me for a free consultation. And with my free color matching quiz, we’ll find your perfect foundation shade in a snap!

Y liquid swatches

Collage 2017-04-18 16_59_48

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