Stain’d – Classic Red Lip Tips for Today’s Lip Stains

A classic red lip is always in style! And you can easily achieve the look with today’s luscious long-wear lip formulas. One of my favorites — lip stains!

Y Jessi 12

Granted, lip stains can be a little tricky. The key to successful staining is to keep the lips hydrated and exfoliated. I run a little sugar-and-shea butter exfoliator over them very gently a couple of times a week. A warm wet wash cloth also works, but gently! Then I glom a gob of Vaseline over my lips in the evenings to keep them soft. Tinted lip balms are also great for nourishing your lips on the go!

Another tip goes to the ladies with a bit of fine lines or puckering around the outer edges of the lips. Trace around the outside of your lips with a flesh-tone lip liner before applying the stain. This will help keep the stain from bleeding outside the lip line. You can also apply a little concealer around the outer edge after the stain dries to cleanup any stain that might have moved outside the lip line.

So for today, a quick swipe of “Shameless” lip stain, lashes (gel only today!), blush and lum over my Favorite Five foundation finish, and I’m on my way to a busy day!

Hope you have a great day yourself!!

Sunny regards, Jessi

P.S. Comment below or consult me here about the makeup I mentioned today. You can get a hold of my favorite lip stain shades here.


Collage 2017-04-18 16_59_48

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