Five o’Clock Club – A.M. that is! I’m a Morning Person now?

Yeah, I’m a morning person! What in the world?

Never in a million would I ever have thought I’d claim the moniker of “Morning Person.” Ever since I was a kid, I’d stay up late into the night, doing homework, watching TV, doing my nails, talking on the phone. In college, life was all about pulling all-nighters getting ready for the next day’s exams. Coming up in my early career, one just couldn’t miss watching Letterman and Leno if you wanted to pass muster around the water cooler the next day.

So what happened? What seismic shift within the very crust of my being caused me to morph into that elusive being known as a “Morning Person”?!

It happened when I began looking at myself in terms of leadership potential. Was I the type of person that could mentor, inspire and lead others? I thought so but I hadn’t really put it to the test.


And so I decided that I wanted to build on that idea, gather more of the skills that it was going to take to grow as a better leader, and be ready for a day when future leadership opportunities arose.

I found some terrific materials by one of the great motivational gurus out there right now, Robin Sharma. I just love this guy! He’s got some terrific and really practical advice about leadership and the kinds of personal development it takes to grow yourself as a strong leader. And he’s an excellent motivator. One of my favorite takeaways from his programs is his Five o’Clock Club. In order to be ready for the best possible day ahead, you’ve got to get up and embrace the morning!


And so I really took that to heart and began getting up daily by 5 a.m. With the extra time, I would read a little bit of motivation or something educational, get in some extra physical activity, and review and plan out the day ahead. And in the process, I fell in love with the mornings! I joined a morning run club. I listened to the birds welcome the sunrise, and enjoyed a little extra coffee time!

What I also learned along the way was that you can and should practice leadership at every level,¬†and ultimately I began looking at life and work differently. There was also an unintended side effect: I started to become more entrepreneurial in my mindset. And so now most mornings, I’m up early getting ready for my day, working my makeup biz and enjoying the quiet that leads into dawn.

On the flipside of those younger years, now I go to be early and get plenty of beauty sleep. And I don’t miss out — I just DVR the late shows and watch them at my leisure!

Not convinced? I highly recommend any doubters try setting your alarms a little earlier tomorrow, and then a little more by a few minutes each day. Why not go for it and see what happens? Let me know how it goes!

Sunny regards, Jessi

P.S. Need a little help with motivation in the mornings and throughout the day? Check out Robin Sharma here!




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