Lashes to the Roof! – Fiber Lash Mascara Tutorial

9 times out of 10, when ladies are asked: What one makeup thing could you never live without?, the answer is always MASCARA!!

As for myself, I’m kind of a late-bloomer about mascara. I mean, I thought it was okay, but I never really felt is was worth the trouble or the mess. And I didn’t trust the hype. Have you read the fine print in the magazine ads? The mascara models are ALWAYS wearing lash inserts!!

And falsies?! Oh forget that! No way was I going to invest that kind of time or cash on something so infuriatingly cumbersome, not to mention disposable. Talk about a negative return on investment!


So being fairly ‘meh’ about the whole mascara thing, you can imagine how my world was turned completely upside-down when I found something that lifted my lashes to the roof with ease, and didn’t break the bank! That something is 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique. And this year it was reformulated and reengineered, so now it’s even better! It’s just so awesome, I can’t even!

I thought I’d put my words into action and SHOW you how great the stuff is. And like I said, I wasn’t that great with mascara before — I was just naturally so messy about it! (But I’ve gotten better with a little practice!) So take it from me, whether you’re fairly unsteady or a total mascara pro, you’re REALLY going to love it too!

Enjoy this little tutorial about fiber lashes!

Have a sunny morning! Jessi

P.S. If you’d like to give fiber lashes a try for yourself, I can help! Contact me, or check it out here.


Collage 2017-04-18 16_59_48


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