10 Makeup Maneuvers for Battling Fatigue

In the tug of war that is life, do you occasionally suffer from over-stress and lack of sleep? Is it manifesting through lifeless eyes, drab skin and a generally exhausted looking appearance?

Or maybe you get plenty of rest, but you’re STILL hearing, “You look tired.” Aarrgh!!

That’s the signal! It’s time to combat the dreaded drain face. Take the lead and wake things up for a more refreshed and youthful countenance!

First things first. Grab a big glass of water or a cup of green tea to sip on. It’ll help perk up your mind, your systems, and your cells! And put on some cheerful music! It’s been proven to improve mood, and frankly, that’s half the battle when it comes to fatigue.

Now you’re ready to make-up! Charge!!

Today much of our focus is going to concentrate on the eyes, and the skin around the eyes, which are the worst whistleblowers when it comes to exhaustion.

1. Start your routine right with a good cleanser, a refreshing toner and a silky moisturizer to wake up, hydrate and plump the skin. Follow with primer to prepare the face for foundation.

2. Tap a bit of brightening concealer in an inverted triangle under the eye to camouflage any puffiness and darkness.

3. Apply a dewey-finish foundation around the rest of your face, not covering but blending into the concealer, keeping the under-eye bright.

4. Top high points around the face with a luminizer to add a touch of healthy glow to your complexion.

5. Pop a bit of blush onto the apples of the cheeks for a little natural flush. Dust on some setting powder to lock-in the look.

6. Tap a light, neutral cream shadow onto the lids to hide any shadows or veining, and dust with a buff shadow.

7. Use a dark eye liner along the top lash line paired with a softer, medium tone liner or shadow along the bottom lashes. A white liner in the water line will enlarge eyes and neutralize redness.

8. Softly fill and shape your brows, accenting your arch to lift the look of the eye. White highlighter under the brow arch and at the inner eye corner will help brighten the eyes.


9. Curling lashes also helps open the eye. Add a few swipes of mascara to accent and hold the curl.

10. A swipe of sheer tinted balm will plump up the lips and complete this refreshed look.


About face, and look alive! That’s an order. Whether you mix and match a few of these tips or go full force, always be sure to let your inner light shine bright and true, even if you need a little help to find your most brilliant glow.

With sunny regards, Jessi

P.S. Need a little extra help managing a bright, radiant complexion? Let me customize a morning routine just for you! Contact me for a free one-to-one consultation!



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