8 Tidy Eye Liner Tips for Longer Wear – plus Video Tutorial

Do you meet lots of challenges trying to get, and keep, a tidy lined eye?

I know — it can be so frustrating! Try some of these really simple tips for a crisp, lined look that will last all day long!

1. Eyeshadow primer – This first step is KEY, especially if you have oily lids or watery eyes. Gently tap a small amount of eyeshadow primer with your ring fingers onto your lids from lashes to brow, from the inner to outer corners, and under the bottom lash line too. Let it set for a few moments. Apply your shadows as you like.

2. Waterproof or long-wearing formula – Whether it’s a pencil, gel or liquid liner, chooose a long-wearing formula to line your eyes to your desired look.


3. Post-its – For purrrrfect cat’s eyes, use two small post-its, one for each eye. The colorful paper works better than clear tape in helping you see and draw even wings.

4. Trace it – If you’re still a bit unsteady with your wings, you can lightly draw the wing on first with a light tone pencil liner, then trace over with your liquid liner. The pencil is also easier to correct. See next step!

5. Clear face primer – Smudges are easily wiped away with a tiny dab of clear primer on a cotton swab. Great for mascara cleanup too.

6. Concealer – Running a bit of concealer along the edge with a tiny liner brush will help crispen the line, especially after fixing a smudge.

Y eyes 2

7. Matching shadow – Topping your eye liner with a matching powder shadow will set it for longer wear. It’ll also lessen the chance of transfer onto the upper lid as the day wears on. You can use a small angled liner brush to keep the line precise. Or smudge it out to camouflage a liner job gone totally wrong!

8. Translucent powder – Brushing a bit of translucent powder or powder shadow on the upper part of the lids will also help prevent eye liner from transferring up there later. And if it does, it swipes away more easily.

With just a few of these helpful adjustments, your eye liner will stay put all day, until you’re ready to wash it off at night with your cleanser!

Have a sunny day! Jessi

P.S. I use the absolute best kit when it some to eye lining for longer wear — with loads of gorgeous liner shades to choose from!! Not just the standard black, brown and maybe navy you usually find in waterproof options. Contact me and we can customize a long-wearing eye liner kit just for you!

Y eyeliners

P.S.S. Follow along as I put these 8 Tidy Eye Liner Tips for Long Wear in action!



Collage 2017-04-18 16_59_48

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