Overcoming Fear is Easier than You Thought

There’s nothing like starting your own business to bring you face to face with powerful fears and latent insecurities.

You thought you were doing pretty great! You made an exciting decision to become an entrepreneur, and everything was going fast and fine. But then you were required to leap outside of your comfort zone, to learn new a skill-set, expand your circle of influence, invest your personal resources, go beyond mediocre … and the nerves began to kick in.


I know. I’ve been there. Plenty!

The fears of trying something new, of reaching out to new people, making group presentations, getting on the phone with prospects, doing follow-up, shooting video…

The fears of wondering what others will think of me, of their not understanding my goals and intentions, of receiving more positive support from total strangers than my own friends…

The fears of growing my business to the next level, of building a team, of others depending on me to help them learn the ropes of the business, and teaching them to navigate open waters on their own.

I get it. Believe me! Change, and growth,┬ácan be really scary no matter whether you’re a rookie or have been working at it for years. So how can you overcome fear?


I was listening to a video today by one of my favorite business leaders and educators, Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro. He had some great advice and it boils down to this: overcoming your fear is easy. Easier than you thought!

When your old-programmed doubts and insecurities pop up, your innate “fright or flight” instinct naturally arises. You can become frozen and ineffective, or you might try to run away by avoiding the situation. You tend to allow the thing to fester in your mind, until it builds to heights greater than the initial challenge. The fear can feel so heavy and overwhelming. You watch helplessly while your mind attaches to negative, self-deprecating thoughts. Sound familiar?

But the TRUTH is, the feared things are really so SMALL. Overcoming fear and the thought impulses from which they stem actually requires much less activity than we think.

If you can recognize the issue, stand yourself up, face the challenge straight on, and do the thing you fear with massive action for even just one hour, the fearful feelings will decrease by 80%-90%. You can almost immediately think, What was I so afraid of?

Even better, you can realize that, actually, I’m pretty good at the thing! And within just a few imperfect attempts, you will see great improvements — if you will just try earnestly.

It’s remarkable how small the activity actually needs to be to overcome fear. Begin with just one minute of activity. Fight the fear for ONE MINUTE. Beat it into submission with massive action for one minute, one hour, one day at a time. And the old fears will dissipate. They won’t overtake your emotions any longer.


So join me in taking the first step toward looking that thing you fear straight in the eye. I promise you, overcoming fear is easier than you thought.

And when you grow stronger from that success, you’ll be able to take on the next thing, and another, and step by step you’ll progress toward your full potential.

The best part? When you feel the self-doubts arising, not only will you be fully empowered to deal with them for yourself, but you’ll be able to use your experiences to help someone else overcome their fear too. That’s really what it’s all about: investing in your development, learning something useful, and teaching what you’ve learned to uplift others.

May we all live to our full potential and help each other reach our wildest dreams, Jessi


P.S. I encourage everyone considering a network marketing profession, whether part-time or full-force, to follow Eric Worre. Here’s his excellent getting started book Go Pro – Seven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.




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