Give from an Overflowing Cup

In other words, serve from the saucer. I love this simple notion.

How can we truly and joyfully give our best to others, when our own cup has become depleted, or even empty? The answer is we can’t, or at least not for long, without ourselves becoming completely exhausted, and eventually feeling stressed out, resentful and guilty. No one wins here.

I believe our human nature is to help other people whenever we can. We LOVE to help others, don’t we? It makes us feel good inside.

So the more sustainable way to be able to continuously serve and uplift the people around us is to fill our own cup first.



Figure out what replenishes you, whether it’s getting more rest, silent meditation or prayer, physical activity, getting out into nature, going shopping, having a spa day, making crafts, cooking, reading, writing — whatever reenergizes YOU. What makes you feel loved, supported, pampered, engaged, energized? Do those things, a lot!

Keep filling your own cup, until it feels like it’s steadily running over. Only then you can happily and generously give your time, energy and resources to others. Serve from the overflow, from the saucer, from a place of abundance. There will be so much more to give, and a more stable supply of happiness for everyone!


May we all enjoy abundant well-being and share it liberally.

With sunny regards, Jessi




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