Girl Goes Crazy. Issues Facebook LIVE Self Challenge!

It’s true! Believe Your Eyes!

I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and will be going LIVE every day in May on my Facebook Fan Page! Why?

Because this month, it’s all about the EYES! Our super popular eyeshadow palettes, eye liners and the amazing 3D fiber mascara are featured in our Kudos kit — only during the month of May! It’s the ‘Believe Your Eyes’ Collection.

Y palettes all

With 5 different eyeshadow palettes — each with 7 gorgeous shades — and 11 beautifully rich eye liner colors, there are literally thousands of possible eye looks to create!

Y eye liners

So what better way to challenge myself than to bring to you as many varied eye looks — from more natural to the ultra dramatic — as I can throughout the month!?

Y 3D fiber lash

What do I ask in return? Simply put, not very much! Other than please stop in and interact with me during the tutorials, give me some thumbs-up, and toss me a few requests for new eye looks now and then! Maybe you’d like to give these looks a try too, in which case, I’d love to see your pics in the comments!

y morning light

On the average, I’ll be going Live weekdays around 7am. However, I will grant myself a bit of latitude to change up the time slot if I need to, such as an evening tutorial on occasion, or possibly at other times over the weekends! Just stay tuned to Facebook/GoodMorningGal, and I’ll try to announce it before I get started!

Are you ready! Oh goodness, today IS May 1st, so I’ll be starting with the first Live of our series TONIGHT around 6pm! See you then @GoodMorningGal!

With sunny regards, Jessi

P.S. Are you a little curious about what a Kudos is? Check it out here and let me know if you’d like to know my personal favorites!



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