Why Doesn’t Your Makeup Last All Day?

I get asked this quite a bit. There are a couple of reasons having to do with the moisture level in our skin. And the good news is, there are some manageable solutions to help your makeup last all day!

Dry Skin – When our skin is overly-dry, it draws moisture from wherever it can. This includes our makeup, as it is the most readily available source right at the skin’s surface. So our makeup sinks down into the skin and leaves us looking blotchy and uneven.

Oily Skin – If our skin is oily to combination, direct contact with our natural oils breaks down and discolors our makeup, and it appears to be gone in no time.

And are you ready for a double whammy? When your skin gets too dry, it goes into overdrive and produces an overabundance of oils! Aarrgghh!!!

The key is to keep skin as balanced and close to “normal” as possible, and that happens by a paying attention to your skin type and observing changes in your skin by the seasons. Heck, by the day in some climates!


If you want your makeup to last all day, it certainly helps to maintain a good, consistent skin care regimen, and to know when to make adjustments according to those changes. For examples, attend to dry skin with a good hydrating moisturizer and regular exfoliation in the winter, and switch to an oil-control moisturizer and frequent detoxification masks in the summer time.

In addition, a must-have step in preparing your skin for your makeup to last all day is to use a face primer. It acts as a sealant to help keep makeup from sinking down into dry skin, and also as a barrier to prevent contact between our natural oils and our foundation products. Primer is a win-win no matter what type of skin you have, and too simple of a step to pass up!

Once your foundation is in place, what about your blush and other color cosmetics? For the same reason I noted above, our natural oils breaks down and discolor our color cosmetics. Avoid placing powder blush directly onto bare skin or even your foundation. Always use a setting powder, whether a powder foundation or a translucent powder, on top of your foundation to further prevent any oils from reaching your blush. Your makeup will last all day and stay true to color. And as an added benefit, the powder will create a cushion for the blush for a smoother, more blendable application.


Okay, I’m going to sound like a mom right now, but truly, keep your hands off your face! You’ve done all that great prep work to get your oils in check from underneath. Don’t smear them back on from the top — our fingers are full of oils, not to mention the grime of the day! You’ll be right back to square one, and there goes your all-day makeup!

I hope these common sense solutions were helpful! Feel free to let me know in the comments if these tips help your makeup last all day, and please share any other challenges you’re having with your makeup and skin care!

Sunny regards, Jessi

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P.S.S.┬áIf you’d like help with a skin care regimen matched to your own skin type, contact me below! I can help get your routine back on track!

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