Yarn-Craft Revisited

I’ve been super-cleaning the house this summer and, after years ignored, have rediscovered a motley treasure of yarns from my last bout of Knitting Fever that had me entangled in its knotty grip eons ago.

And I have it in my mind that I need to reduce the clutter, minimize the piles, purge the stuff that’s been weighing me down in life … So I’ve pulled the fibrous masses out of hiding with the thought that I need to get rid of it once and for all. But for some reason I can’t just pitch it, can’t just donate it. I know, I’ll just make a “few” things!

For the most part, I’ve only ever been a scarf knitter, and an occasional granny square crocheter. So I thought I’d try my hand at some larger stash-busting projects, maybe learn another stitch or two, try a new pattern while I’m at it…

For my first return to the hook and needles, I thought I’d build on my granny crochet experience. I’ve done multi-square granny afghans and large stand-alone granny squares. This time, I wanted one that was rectangular, so it would be long enough cover down to my toes, which are always cold no matter what time of year!

I figured out how to alter the pattern from this tutorial: Crochet Crowd – Granny Rectangle Afghan. I’ve got just an absolute ton of Red Heart yarn in these — what I call 70s retro tomato, celery, wheat type — colors, so I’m really going for the gusto with the size of this thing. Here’s the WIP. I’m liking the looks so far!




Next up in planning, I’m going to do another biggie crochet blanket, and in my mind I’m pretty sure, but not absolutely decided, that I’m going with some type of V-Stitch stripe. I’ve got a mondo heap of discontinued Patons Divine bulky yarn in several colors that I think will make a really soft, cozy blanky. Here are those shades.



Although I’m supposed to be fazing out all this yarn, I’m already feeling the addictive pull of the craft. And I mean there’s social media and zillions of patterns and pictures out there now, so I’m pretty much a goner. Not to mention, my knitting needles are feeling left out. So there might be a third something or other project coming down the line. We shall see!

I’ll check in now and then and let you all know how it’s going. Comment below with a link to your WIP too, if you’d like!


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