Making a “Lost in Time” Shawl

I’ve had a chance to get back into the crochet groove with some basic projects, mainly blankets and wash cloths and such. I’m enjoying it all so much!

I decided for my next piece, I wanted to create something really special. I’ve been looking at several more advanced crochet a-long blanket patterns, but then I decided to do something a bit smaller and quicker, needing some instant gratification! There are so many patterns and gorgeous yarns to choose from, it’s deliciously overwhelming!

Taking a deep breath, I chose the beautiful “Lost in Time” shawl, designed by Johanna Lindahl and available via Mijo Crochet. (Click the picture below for a link to this gorgeous pattern.) I love the look of this wrap so much! And it would be a good practice piece for some of the larger projects I have in mind. (In fact, yarn is already on order for a gorgeous blanket I’ll be starting soon!) So this will be my first more advanced pattern in crochet.


For yarns, I went with Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable. I’ve never been a huge Red Heart fan, although I’ve worked in it plenty because it was really cheap back in the day (and scratchy). From everything I’ve read, Unforgettable is a pretty fussy yarn, lots of tangling if you’re not careful, and very difficult to frog (pull out >> rip out >> rippit >> ribbit — get it?!).

But Unforgettable is also simply some of the prettiest yarn I’ve seen lately in the big box stores. I thought the luscious colorways, glorious luster and slightly less than worsted weight, along with the fairly fast color change striping, would be amazing with this pattern. So I decided to just go for it and work especially delicately and loosely. I thought I might even practice the pattern in cheap stash yarn beforehand, but you know what? I didn’t. I just jumped in with extra care.


Polo is my primary colorway, and I also worked in a couple rows of Sunrise, a similar but more vibrant pallet, to occasionally pop up the colors. I wanted some contrast as well, so I placed swaths of Tidal into a few of the rounds for accents. (The photo above shows l-r: Tidal, Sunrise and Polo.) This color combination really excited me as red-browns and turquoise is generally a favorite combo of mine. I couldn’t wait to see the outcome!

I thought I had purchased MORE than enough yarn, with two skeins of Polo and one each of Sunrise and Tidal. The work was such a pleasure, and I definitely got “Lost in Time” quite a bit, very much in the flow of the hook and fiber. But OF COURSE I ran out of yarn in the final repeater section with only one row to go, plus the border rows, plus the tassels. So off to the store I ran for more Sunrise and Tidal, bringing the purchase count to two of each. And I picked up some beads for the tassels while I was there. And more yarn, for other projects coming down the pike, as one must.

So I worked to complete the body of the shawl, but I wasn’t as close to the finish line as I had thought. It did take some time to do the final border rounds, the better part of a weekend actually. I think finish work is always a bit more detailed, and you want it to really set everything off well. And so it was a slower process for me, and I started to get impatient. But oh how happy I was to make the last of those border stitches!

The next day I made the tassels. I had intended to make a bit fancier style of tassel than the usual, but it was more advanced stitching than I initially realized. So I went back to the standard variety tassel, and I’m plenty happy with the outcome.

That evening, I blocked the shawl for overnight drying, which maybe I didn’t really need to do since it’s acrylic, but did it anyway hoping it would enhance the final shape and drape. The next morning I attached the tassels, and voila! Ready to photograph, share and wear!!

Except that it’s still 95 degrees outside! It’s August in Florida after all! I’ll have to be patient, and wait to wear it out and about this coming fall season. I think in the meantime, I’ll submit it as my first ever entry into our County Fair! Why not?

Here are some pics HOTH! (Hot Off the Hook) What do you think? And what’s on your hook at the moment?

Have an amazing day, and thanks for visiting GoodMorningGal! If you’d like to connect with me on Ravelry, I’m JessiJSmith 🙂

Warmly, Jessi

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